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The Ultimate Guide To Finding a Reputable Roofer


Someone climbs a ladder and changes out a shingle or two and then call themselves a roofer. It happens. It’s why so many people end up hiring someone who might not be all that experienced or knowledgeable on the true nuances of the roofing industry. So, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide on how to find a competent and professional roofer in El Paso. 

Look at their experience

It’s the age of information! So before you go with a roofing company, make sure that you check out their experience and maybe research their past work. You’ll be surprised the information you can find online and a roofing company that has a professional website, information on their services, and telling photographs about what they do is more likely to have the skills to back up their word. 

Ask about area expertise 

Roofers often have different areas in which they focus. They might specialize in commercial, residential, or a certain type of roofing. They might be specialized to work on a certain kind of roofing and not on others or might concentrate on residential or commercial roofing.  It’s important to make sure that whatever type of work you’re having done is in the purview and expertise on the roofer you are about to hire. If you are getting a full roof installation, for example, make sure that your roofer has done the work before, is qualified, and has the proper equipment and team to do it. 

Consider the size of their team

A lot of roofing jobs require a well-orchestrated team effort. A roof installation, for example, will go far more efficiently and effectively when there is a group of people working together to complete the project. Hiring a roofing company that has an adequately-sized team is important to ensure that corners aren’t being cut and details aren’t being overlooked. 

Look at their Better Business Bureau profile

One way to verify if a business had a good standing and somewhat of a reputation in the community is to ask your neighbors, friends, look at social media but also to take a look at some well-known directories like the better business bureau. This can give a good indication of the business’ long-term standing and their years of experience. 

Has a sense of humor

That’s right. Might seem a little odd. But we got a little secret here at A D Roofing. That is, if your roofer doesn’t smile and laugh, he probably doesn’t enjoy roofing as much as we do. It’s why we approach every job with a fresh outlook. And as soon as we get to your house, we’re ready to rock and roll. 

Hire Someone You Trust and Raise the Roof!

Our motto here at A D Roofing is “Where quality counts.” We abide by that in every job we do and have for fourteen years. From start to finish, we make sure that our job is quality and with attention to detail. It’s why you don’t have to pay a dime until we have the job finished and to your satisfaction. Want to look at some of our work? Check our our site and our Facebook page. Give us a call today for a free estimate!

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