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The Ultimate Guide In Preparation for a Roof Replacement

There might come a time as a homeowner, where you will have to make the decision to replace your roof completely. Perhaps it was damaged in a storm or has had accumulated considerable damage throughout its many years of service. Whatever the reason, a roof replacement is a big job that should be done only by professionals who know what they are doing and understand how to do the job right. When executed by a competent team of professionals, a roof replacement can be a swift and efficient job finished in only a few days at most. Let’s take a look at some tips that can help you better prepare for a roof replacement on your house.

  1. Get a trusted roof inspection and make sure you have asked all the questions you need. A roof inspection will more precisely indicate any specifications and needs for your roof. They can also recommend another roofing material if you choose to do something different.
  2. Choose your roofing contractor. When it comes to choosing your roofing contractor, make sure that you can verify their certification and do your research in order to verify that this is a reputable contractor. Visit their webpage, online reviews, and even ask friends.
  3. Prepare your home. Focus on the areas directly below the edges of the roof, as this might be where a lot of debris falls comes down from. Preparing the inside of your home can be important to, as many times the roofers work might loosen some dust particles from attic ceilings and so forth.
  4. Relocate your vehicles. Sometimes, to be safe, you want to make sure your vehicles are parked some space away so you can easily get in and out and not have to worry about being blocked in by the roofing vehicles.
  5. Remove your artwork from the walls. If you have artwork or other paintings on the wall make sure to remove them in order to ensure that they don’t fall down from the hammering.
  6. Mind your trees. If you have low hanging trees and branches, cutting these down beforehand can help the roofing contractor control have easier and safer access to your roof.
  7. Let your neighbors know. This is more of a courtesy but letting your neighborhood know that someone will be working on your roof. This might help them be cognizant of it and aware, so they are not startled or caught by surprise. This might be especially helpful if they have pets.
  8. Take care of your pets. This might seem like a small detail, but many pets will get startled with the sounds of roofers and hammering, so just be aware of how you can make them more comfortable and ensure they can’t accidentally escape through the backyard while work is going on.
  9. Remove satellite dishes. A lot of times, your satellite dish might have to be removed before work begins. You might have to call your cable company to take care of this beforehand.
  10. Get ready for a new roof! An experienced roofing contractor will have an efficient process and will only cause minimal disturbance to your home. The work should only take a couple of days unless there are unforeseen circumstances. But after these few days you will have an entirely new roof ready to last a good while and provide some good protection.

Don’t Fret, Get Your Roof Replacement Done by Professionals

While there are many ways a roof replacement can go wrong with inexperienced and sloppy roofers, here at A D Roofing we have fifteen years of experience in helping El Paso homeowners improve their roofs and protect their homes with quality roofing installations and replacements.

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