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The Powerful Benefits of a Slate Roof

Slate has been used in roofing for many centuries. It’s why we see many historical buildings and even old castles built out of the material. In the 1800s, the Spanish brought the material to more mainstream use. Still today, much of the slate used in European roofs originates in Spain. While the material is a little more expensive than traditional asphalt shingles, we thought we’d take a look at some of its distinctive qualities a little more closely.

Straight From the Earth

Slate is a naturally-occurring metamorphic rock usually found on the Western Hemisphere. It derives from shale or mudstone that has experienced intense heat or pressure underneath the earth’s surface. Because of its parallel foliated plates, it has the ability to break smoothly and evenly. This makes it convenient when trying to make slates. Slate is high on the Mohs scale—used to measure a rock’s hardness—as it is able to scratch steel or glass.

Oh, the Color Options!

Part of slate’s appeal in roof shingles is that it is made up of varying minerals and these can change the colors of the slate and create pretty unique and beautiful shades. Some slate might be spotted or streaked because of its mineral content. Brazil, for example, is famous for its rusty slate, which contains the splashes of multiple colors on subtle gray. Red slate is caused by hematite, green by chlorite, blue-gray by sericite. The black slate is created by carbonaceous materials and yellowish-brown by limonite.

Pros of a Slate Roof

The list is long, as it has proven itself over time. Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons why you might choose this material over any other on your roof.

Is a Looker. When it comes right down to it, slate looks good. It has a sleek, shiny, yet earthy vibe to it that cannot be achieved by traditional asphalt shingles. It has the ability to look modern but also evokes a classic, almost ancient European look.  Because of its varying mineral composition, it can also have different shades that will give your home some variety and charming effects.

Puts up a Fight. Slate’s durability is due in large part to the strength of the rock. It has a great ability to withstand any jabs, punches, or low blows that Mother Nature will throw at it during its lifetime. Slate roofs are really good at withstanding a long list of weather conditions, resisting moisture, winds, and even fires.

Has a long lifespan. Asphalt shingles typically have to be replaced every 15-30 years depending on various factors, weather, wear and tear, etc. When it comes to slate, however, the longevity is pretty outstanding. In fact, many historical buildings made of slate will still have the original roofing. A slate roof can last up to one hundred years and more.

Enhances Value. Adding a slate roof to your home will not only enhance the curb appeal—making your home stand out in the neighborhood—but it will also increase the value of your house. Because these roofs add so much character to any home, they are well sought out and will always add some value to your home.

Get Your Roofing Done Right

So whether you decide to go with slate roofing or traditional shingles, a roofing installation should be done by a roofing professional. Here at A D Roofing, we like to do things right and we make sure that no matter what kind of roofing you want to have installed, it is done properly, with attention to detail, and made to last.


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