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Fun Roofing Facts You May Not Know

A perfectly laid slate roof sits on a clear, summer day

Your roof, like many aspects of your home, will ideally be forgotten in everyday life. Often, when you think about your roof, it needs maintenance or repairs and that can be a headache. We don’t want you to only think of your roof when there’s a problem, so here are a few fun facts about roofs that won’t stress you out.

Your Roof Breathes

You read that right, your roof is actually breathing right now. The underside of the roof deck actually acts as a ventilation system, which is necessary to keep your home cool and dry. Moist air out and dry air in means a happy home. 

Roofs that Stand the Tests of Time

The earliest roofs were made of clay and thatch, and they trace back for thousands of years. While these roofs didn’t have some of the perks of a modern roof, they were surprisingly effective. Some clay roofs have lasted hundreds of years—talk about master roofing!

A Flat Roof is Definitely Not Flat

We know…this one is a shocker. A flat roof is not actually flat because that would cause water to simply sit on top of the roof and damage it. Instead, there is a slight slope to allow for water and other debris to fall off. Flat roofs also allow for more space and are easier to inspect than a pitched roof. 

Grocery Shopping…on the Roof? 

So you know your roof protects your family from the elements, keeps you cool, cuts down on humidity, and helps insulate your home. It does a lot, but did you know you can also grow food up there too? Yes, converting your roof to a green roof allows you to actually make food up there, which actually cools your roof and saves money. So next time you need beans, lettuce, or eggplants, just look up!

Roofing You Can Trust

See, our facts were stress-free as promised. We can also promise that A D Roofing is the best company for all of your roofing needs. Whether you need repairs, replacement, or advice, we can deliver. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!


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