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Author: Otto

In the Eye of the Roofer: What To Look For in a Roof

Here at AD Roofing, we’ve been working on roofs since before Facebook was a thing. Can people even remember such a time? Maybe even before that. Working on roofs every day for that long means that you will, inevitably, develop what we like to call here as the ‘roofer eye.’ It’s no different than how […]

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Fun Roofing Facts You May Not Know

Your roof, like many aspects of your home, will ideally be forgotten in everyday life. Often, when you think about your roof, it needs maintenance or repairs and that can be a headache. We don’t want you to only think of your roof when there’s a problem, so here are a few fun facts about […]

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The Ultimate Guide To Finding a Reputable Roofer

Someone climbs a ladder and changes out a shingle or two and then call themselves a roofer. It happens. It’s why so many people end up hiring someone who might not be all that experienced or knowledgeable on the true nuances of the roofing industry. So, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide on how to find […]

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The Ultimate Guide In Preparation for a Roof Replacement

There might come a time as a homeowner, where you will have to make the decision to replace your roof completely. Perhaps it was damaged in a storm or has had accumulated considerable damage throughout its many years of service. Whatever the reason, a roof replacement is a big job that should be done only […]

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Add Value to Your Home: Remodeling Ideas for the Summer

The stress of filing your taxes is finally over for the year and you may have received or looking to receive a nice return for your labor. While buying drinks for all of your friends might make you the coolest guy in the bar, it won’t produce much long-term value for your money. The best […]

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Trouble in the Valleys: Fixing the Valleys in Your Roof

The valleys are a dangerous place. The valleys are the channels where two sides of a roof meet, so they create a fold —or a valley— that can often trap moisture, leaves, or corrode over time and likely to cause leaks. The truth is that in order to do a valley job right, there is […]

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The Powerful Benefits of a Slate Roof

Slate has been used in roofing for many centuries. It’s why we see many historical buildings and even old castles built out of the material. In the 1800s, the Spanish brought the material to more mainstream use. Still today, much of the slate used in European roofs originates in Spain. While the material is a […]

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Roof Repair: A Professional Vs. DIY

The internet has become a wonderful resource for valuable information. No matter what you think up, the internet will have something to say about it. This has increased the popularity of do-it-yourself projects and instructional videos. There is no denying that many of these videos or manuals can provide some valuable instruction or tips for […]

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