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Add Value to Your Home: Remodeling Ideas for the Summer


The stress of filing your taxes is finally over for the year and you may have received or looking to receive a nice return for your labor. While buying drinks for all of your friends might make you the coolest guy in the bar, it won’t produce much long-term value for your money. The best way to to add value to your home is to invest in remodeling projects that enhance your home and add to your initial investment. There are a few great ideas for remodeling projects that are fun to try in the sunnier parts of the year.

Patio Extensions: What’s better in the Sun City than the warm Spring and Summer nights and what better way to enjoy them than outside, next to the firepit or under the moonlight. Adding a patio extension to your home can be a great way to make it more inviting and welcoming during the hot weather.

Gazebos: Aside from their charm, gazebos are a great way to add excitement and value to your home. El Paso’s summers are known for the high temperatures, but a gazebo can be an elegant way to create an outside space protected by shade but still out in nature to enjoy a family dinner, picnic, or conversation with friends.

Deck Additions: Yet another popular way to enhance your home and add excitement to your outdoor dinner parties, family gatherings, or pool parties, is adding space to the beautiful deck. A deck will, inevitably, boost the value of your home because they are an attractive feature to homeowners everywhere. Another perk of the deck installation is that it is relatively inexpensive compared to other home additions.

Room Extensions: If your family has grown or you suddenly have the in-laws coming to town more often than you had bargained, adding a room to your house can be a great way to make extra space, add value to your home, and increase convenience for everyone involved.

The Benefits to Home Additions and Remodeling

Aside from boosting the value of your home and making it a much more attractive house for potential home buyers in the future, remodeling jobs prove to be very rewarding ventures for homeowners. It gives you a sense of accomplishment and it offers tangible results for your expenditures. You can see, feel, touch, and enjoy the final results every day and be assured that your money was well-spent and went right back to something that offered value.

Trust Professionals with Remodeling Jobs

It’s not uncommon that people hire just anyone for their remodeling and end up embroiled in a nightmare of wasted materials, lost investment, and —many times— and unfinished job. If you’re looking to add some value to your house investment, trust the professionals at A D Roofing to get the job done right.

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